Upside down phone
April 7, 2010, 2:10 pm
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Despite the huge variety of mobile phones on the market there is one design trend that has always remained the same – the screen has always been above the keypad. According to Anthony Harrison, who has filed a patent for a phone with the screen below the keypad, conventional mobiles are not very easy to use. Having the screen above the keypad offers users a clear view of the screen while texting but is awkward and results in the phone being held in your fingertips rather than in the palm of your hand. The thumb is restricted in movement and texting is slowed down. The new design repositions the keypad above the screen and ensures that most of the handset rests in the palm of the hand for improved support and control.

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Bang & Olufsen produced a clamshell phone with an inverted configuration more than six years ago. This to mantain the screen clean from “body fluids” after a conversation where the user’s ear get in contact with it.
This concept work if you don’t spit a bit while talking… :-p

Comment by giorgio

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