Seed bomb
January 31, 2010, 11:25 pm
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Seedbomb is a non-military bomb that protects earth from worsening desertification and lessens sandstorms. After The 2nd world war, Gale Halvorson, an American pilot, dropped candies in the name of hope for children in berlin. The seedbomb is the bomb of hope like the candies of Gale Halvorson. When a Seedbomb is released from an airplane, Seedbomb is disassembled in the air and Seed capsules inside of the bomb spread out widely and fall on the ground. Imagine this idea combined with this?

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Using battle field technology for non-fighting purpouses always is a
*direct hit*!

Comment by Gaetan Kerckhove

This is the future! It may sound like a stupid idea… but could this really be used to also destroy land mines and plant trees?!?

The bottom line is cost, and perhaps an idea like this is not just fantasy, but a real commercial solution. Its better than walking though a minefield than with a pen knife and a blast vest lets say! If seedlets had suffient weight and/or landing force. The rest bury in the ground with a soild cone shaped feeder/fertilizer ballistic tip made from compacted fertiliser other pourus materials. Like a eco bunker buster!

John B

The BIG Consultant – Product Design Consultancy – Sheffield
– ‘its the little company with the BIG ideas’

Comment by John Biddleston

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