Led based traffic light
October 26, 2009, 5:09 pm
Filed under: Product Design, technology

traffic light

This new traffic light concept is quite clever in applying led-technology to a product that hasn’t almost changed in the last decades. It requires 3 times less details than the common light since it uses just one section instead of three. It also operates with just two kinds of single colored LEDs – the yellow color is a result of both red and green ones lit together. Not only does it work better it looks better to.

via:: behance


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color blind people will not be able to see the difference between red and green
normally they could see that the upper light was on ..which means red..etc.

Comment by critic

That is indeed a big flaw that has to be solved before this product can go into production. Thank you for the smart observation 😉

Comment by atohms

For the colorblindness, maybe have a FEW(ONLY A FEW) extra LED-s on each the top and bottom, corresponding to red at top, green on bottom, and none on yellow.

Comment by Andrew

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